A little thing that really got on my wick in linux was evolution. Its the simplest thing ever, but after using windows for years on the desktop you get used to some things.

While this isn’t a bug fix or anything, I belive it may be handy for some people who like to close a read email using the ‘Esc’ key.

this specifically for the version that comes with hoary (ubuntu): change to the following directory /usr/share/evolution/2.2/ui/ and edit the file evolution-mail-messagedisplay.xml

At the very top it has the following:

pixname="Close" accel="*Control*w"

this basically means you can use ctrl + w to close a read email, no thanks ta. 🙂

change it to:

pixname="Close" accel="Escape"

Its nice and handy that is all. 😛

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