I’ve been a long term user of windows and linux. Due mostly to my personal interests in OSS and the work I do I have mainly used linux or other unix variants all day every day. But I have to say its always servers etc, never have I used it on the desktop.

Ok a small white lie, I have had a look at various distros over the years including slack/redhat/mandrake/debian. None of them were much use out of the box and not have lots of time to spend fixing them up to work I never bothered.

Last year Ubuntu arrvied on the scene. The first release was called warty. When I first installed it, on my laptop back when it came out I was amazed. It worked pretty well, who’d have thought that something based on debian would just work. But it wasn’t as clean as I needed it, so back to windows I went.

This year hoary came out, I installed it on my desktop pc and I’ve not looked back. Its amazing 🙂

I’ve some more postage about ubuntu coming up, a few bits and pieces one of the guys from the office and I were trying with it.

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