Graig …

What a nice wee town …. It is actually a mad place to be, it is beautiful to look at. One MAJOR flaw, the people. Anyway Graig, or Graiguenamanagh. Its where I grew up, where I had many firsts. 🙂 – a town of approx 2000 people with 14 pubs! A town such as Leixlip in Co. Kildare has about 22,000 people and has 7 pubs. The numbers simply don’t add up.

That aside I went down to meet ‘Doc’ one of my mates for a drink, louise came out for 1 aswell. So we had a few games of pool a few beers … then I had coke … ugh … minerals in the pub. I felt weird, sort of like when you were young visiting a local pub with a grandparent or something. Finished off the night in the chipper … ‘wooyeah’ I hear you cry.

I’ll be meeting some mutual friends of Sue and mine from Dublin on saturday night there. They were doing an all Ireland architectural tour. Basically they made a list of buildings that may be old but were ahead of their time when they were constructed. The tour ends in graig, beer + food + fun.

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