Well today i went to dublin to collect one of the new guys thats going to be working with us in our new offices. I was driving from home to dublin. The temp was around 24C and the humidity was fairly high. I got to dublin no problem. Got lost trying to get to Conolly station. Still not a problem, as I got myself sorted eventually.

However on the way out of dublin we were doing about 50Kph and the engine just calved. tried to restart it and there was a very nasty noise coming from the car. The timing belt snapped. Bollox. Needless to say, stuck on a dual carrage way, in todays heat beside a broken assed car was a smidgen upsetting.

I had to pay 80 euro for a guy to come out to the car and say “yes thats fucked” and to tow it back into town. We left it at the top of Gardiner street beside a fairly busy public park. Safe. I arranged for Greg, a living saint, to come and collect it. I brought Jon to eddie rockets for a bit of dinner and we awaited for Greg. Due to its weight we couldnt do much more than 80kph on the main roads in Gregs jeep. I just got home around 1:40am after leaving for dublin at 3pm on sunday.

Apparently because the timing belt was only changed in the past 6 weeks, there is a good chance I’ll be able to get it fixed for nothing. I practically spent 220 euro getting it back to carlow, between the tow into town, food, paying greg etc . Not happy considering I spent 1000 euro on it in April between servicing and a new head gasket. Needless to say once its fixed, its gone. I’m sick to my toncils at this point with it. So its bye bye out the door for it.

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