cars .. follow up

Right.. the car lives once more. In a state of flux now my thoughts are. Some people are saying “get a new one, flog it while you can”. Others are saying “you have spent so much on it now, you might aswell keep it”

I’m not entirely sure what to do, this time it cost 350 euro to get it fixed. New timing belt, head scraped and 8 new valves placed in it and various other bits n pieces. Its running fine again. On another car related note, i am going to join the AA this week. I’m damned if I am getting stuck on the road side again if the car breaks down.

Other side of things, sue seems to be getting on well in sweden. Got herself a bike to get around, still no sign of her broadband though. They are being extremely thick about the whole thing, they wont accept cash or credit cards. Like what company/person won’t take cash?

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