Just a few weeks ago I went to visit Sue in sweden. It had been 6 long weeks since we had seen each other. I tell you it was no easy 6 weeks. Besides that it was also the first time I’ve flown anywhere on my own. To make myself feel even more stressed I had to get two flights to get there and two flights to get back. It was actually fairly plesant. I got tickets via flynordic.com – round trip cost me 288 euro in vat + taxes.

Sweden is a fantastic country. Despite it being 1000’s of miles away and mostly north of Ireland it was actually warmer there than Ireland was when I left. It was also bright .. very bright .. infact it was bright more than 20 hours a day.

The food was good (if expensive), drink was also expensive. Tried some local beers/ale’s. Lets just say they didn’t go down very well. Most european beers were similarly priced to Dublin. Guinneass was about € 6.50 .. but who would drink guinness in sweden? 🙂 Vodka and other spirits were where it hurt to go out, it was € 7.50 for a vodka with any mixer.

The actual landscape, the buildings, road ways etc were all fantastic to look at. Hugely different to anything I’ve ever seen before (first hand). People cycle everywhere. We cycled to a close by lake and to shops etc. It is pretty hilly as you would imagine and my assed was well sore from the saddle.

For those of you who like the cinema etc, some poeple like to visit the cinema while on holidays if for nothing else but to meet people, in sweden they show the films in English with Swedish subtitles. Handy, but the odd guy/gal who can read fairly fast sometimes burst outloud before the actor actually says the funny saying/scentence etc.

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