Work has been good. Its been getting better and better since we moved into the new offices. There are a few odds and ends to tie up there which were/are annoying. The bin people forgot to send us our bins for the first 6 weeks … rather annoying/smelly. We had arranged with a guy to come and build shelves who has ret to come and make them.

I’ve got some new toys in the office and in our .NL facility to play with recently. Various bits n bobs like cisco switchs, apc masterswitchs etc. Most if not all can be controlled by the new noc management software we started using the in the past few months. The last build of it has been fairly useable and as such I have started to add all the servers from dublin/ams into it. A daunting task it is because there are close to 600 IP’s to manually assign to customers/servers.

We’ve been working on the whole vps product aswell, I will hopefully be able to write something that will compare Xen vs UML in the coming weeks in terms of stability, scalability, ease of management etc

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