I’m going to SkyCon, Are you?

So it turns out that we are sponsoring SkyCon this year. It’s looking fair promising and because a lot of people I know of from IRC, forums and just general Internet banter I took a closer look at it and decided that I’d do a talk for them. The least I could do, what with us getting all the PR on the run up to it and we’ll have a stand for the 3 days of the conference.

My talk is going to be based on some of the improvements that the OSS community has enabled us to do without spending wads and wads of cash on commercial products and also allowed us to cater for our needs more easily as we can modify/beat the program, programs into shape. I’m pretty excited and nervous about the whole thing as a) I’ve not done a lot of public speaking b) I’m a geek and not very much into humans, more so machines and c) I don’t want some demented kernel hacker asking me questions I can’t fricken answer 🙂

So are you going to SkyCon? If not, why the hell not? You do _realise_ that all the cool kids will be there? 🙂

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  2. Hi Paul,

    I decide to come and do a lightning talk about “Freebsd security with jails” and “BSD Certification”. So I gonna see you there anyway on friday.

    cu dave

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