Are Eircom service engineers at the bottom of the food chain?

It would appear so. I spotted 2 vans in the new units accross the road from us this afternoon. I thought nothing of this as it’s perfectly normal afterall. However the idiots cut our fax line. To make matters worse, our DSL is on the same line. 6 months ago we’d be completely blind now in the office with no way to operate our NOC.

Would it be possible to install brains into the engineers before they get a van? At least that way they might actually be able to do their jobs.

Eircom, you are a disgrace.


So 35 minutes on hold and I’m told “There is a short on the line, we’ll get someone to look at that for you” – yes please, you stupid idiots!


So eircom send us out an engineer. Great!!! – Not so great, the guy comes into our office whips the cover off their box with our lines and turns around to me and goes “It’s dead alright” – christ, they pay you to tell me something I already know? Please. Anyway he goes out to the manhole accross the road where the aforementioned engineers were “fiddling” and comes back to say the “line is fine out there” – At this stage I’m in “Not letting him leave till its finished mode” as they have a habbit of running off and not coming back for days. Anyway with some more conversation with him I convince the guy to check the line again, he does and next thing “oh it was on the wrong pair”. I ring the fax line number and it rings! IT’S ALIVE!!! Great.

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