Crazy weather???

Holy hell! The weather the last 2 days has been mad, completely looney. Last night when I lef the pub at 11:30 (got out during the 30 minute drinking up window, incase any law enforcement types read this) and proceeded to head home. Sure next thing I know its a blizzard!! My bag of chips was getting snow in it 🙁 – crazy. And again today there is snow, sleet, rain, crazy high winds. All in all, very unsettled. Reminds me a bit of The Day after tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Crazy weather???”

  1. I thought that Pub closing on a Sunday night of a Bank Holiday weekend was 12:30? It’s not as if people are heading to work the following morning?

  2. Nah. Not for at least a year now. They changed it, I think the police complained about long hours over bank holiday weekends and stuff. Might see if there is something about it in the news archives from last year.

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