3D secure teething issues

We’ve spent about the last month or so writing code to help prevent against fraudulent orders. This has meant a huge re-write of parts of Modernbill previously thought to be “demented and wrong”. Along the way we’ve tested it pretty much completely. Today we put the code (along with tonnes of other cool stuff) live and we sat back and watched payments coming in.

All works perfect, as expected. However I noted certain Visa card payments going through detailing that the user was not enrolled. This is normal enough. However I have a personal BOI visa card that I use online a fair bit to buy various bits ‘n’ bobs. I went through our order process and came to paying and I was not presented with anything asking about 3D secure. I thought this a bit odd, as my work Visa card is enrolled and I get presented with the “Verified by Visa” where it asks for my password.

So to find out what was going on I ring BOI. I explain to the nice lady what I’m talking about and she replies “I haven’t heard of that, it isn’t an option on our cards.”. I go into a bit more detail and she goes off to ask a supervisor. She comes back saying “He hasn’t heard of 3D secure either, but we googled for it and printed off all the details and have sent them onto our security department.” The mind boggles. So BOI have not heard about or implemented 3D secure?? WTF??? It really is apparent to me now that AIB are years ahead of the other banks in Ireland. I’m going to keep a close eye on other Banks cards over the coming few days and see which banks have actually signed up for 3D secure and which haven’t. I’ll make a list of banks to avoid getting credit cards from then.

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  1. Is there something wrong with the inbuilt fraud guardian in Modernbill? Or just didn’t like relying on a outside service to check for it?

  2. The problem we’re trying to avoid is the possibility of charge backs. With 3D secure, most cases pass the liability back to the end user or their bank. Therefore if someones card gets used illegally, the bank or the user is at fault and not the merchant, i.e. us.

    If all banks used 3D secure, credit card fraud (visa/mc specifically) would be cut down by a pretty high percentage.

  3. Ah makes sense now. I was looking at the MB forums recently and there seems to be no official work being done on supporting VBV or 3d Secure. A shame really.

  4. Part of the reason we’re re-writing much of MB is to make it “work” much better than it does, including a cool payment module for realexpayments that has full 3-D secure integration.

  5. Who can understand the minds of the Card Services Departments of Banks? For example why did AIB stop the random card number generator with a set limit to be used when shopping at dodgy merchants. AIB promoted it like a contractual obligation and never offered it on their MasterCards but on their VIsa cards it did work, and worked very well, but now its gone, if you have a contact in the bank ask them, and their response will be “3D secure is the replacement”. Ah the curse of all large organisations uninterested salarymen reading from a mission statement and internal memo with no interest in the business at hand because they have no stake.

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