Office space in Dublin costs the earth or does it?

We’re setting out to hiring a few people that’ll have to be located beside each of the data centres we use in Dublin so we can have staff on-site primarily during business hours. Later we’ll expand on that.

One reason Blacknight never had offices in Dublin is due to cost. Now lots of business are based in Dublin, that’s fine. However for the price of an office in Dublin we can hire 2-3 competent engineering staff. This is fact.

So in investigating our options I came across the following co-working site. After having a look around I see that they have 2 locations now that you rent office space in. It’s really simple, you get a desk, chair, internet, phone and secretarial services all for a fixed relatively low monthly fee. There are other ancillary services that you can pay additionally. It really is a good idea.

This is most probably the route we’ll go down for our “Data Centre Technican” positions that we have going. Hopefully this particular company might get more office space in west Dublin that’ll be closer to our kit.

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