Blacknight launch new shared hosting system

Blacknight are going to launch their new shared hosting platform tomorrow August 7th 2008. We’ve been waiting to do this for close to 10 months now when we put development into overdrive.

What to expect?

  1. More of everything
  2. The basic package has 120 databases (30 Mysql4, 30 Mysql5, 30 Ms SQL 2005 and 30 Postgresql)
  3. You can use MS SQL 2005 on linux now, wow?
  4. The system is partially virtualised, we don’t need to install servers anymore. We simply tell our provisioning system to create a new VE (virtual environment) and apply a set of templates to it that match the shared hosting system.
  5. PHP 4 and PHP 5 are available on both linux and windows
  6. Complete DNS control, complete control over your domain and it’s name server settings
  7. Manage your own spam and antivirus settings
  8. Blacknight application vault with loads of apps you all have looked for 🙂
  9. Single login gets you access to everything. i.e. once your in, you can manage your plesk vps, your shared hosting account, register domains, manage your payments, add a new credit card etc.
  10. You get access to our new site builder that comes with over 250 templates and 100s of new features.
  11. You can see the system defined mime types, you can also setup your own, awesome eh?
  12. CGI sub section of the control panel tells you the paths to perl, python and sendmail and also what permissions to set on your files.
  13. Theres a log manager where you can login and view your logs via ftp
  14. Manage multiple ftp users without issue
  15. @Mail webmail system
  16. Advanced backup system that lets the user manage their backups.

It’s a complete suite of tools that anyone who has used any other control panel will fall in love with immediately.Where is this new system, well to get a look at it you’ll need to head over to and purchase a domain or a hosting package.

Our entry level plan has 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth, thats more than our existing plans put together almost!

last but not last a bit of information on the technology. We’ve deployed clustered Qmail + LDAP for e-mail. In front of this we’ve got load balancers that’ll send you to the least busy mail server when you use pop or smtp. We’re fully support pops, smtps and imaps. Behind the mail servers we’re using Solaris nfs servers attached directly to an EMC Clarion CX300 SAN unit providing us with the ultimate in enterprise storage and performance. Each linux web server will be a VPS. The benifit of this is ease of deployment, we can move VPS servers to less busy hardware nodes seemlessly and with minimal downtime (soon with no downtime!!). The back end provisioning system is comprised of two Parallels products, one is POA and the other is PBA, Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation. Thats a split 40/60 for provisioning and billing. The billing end manages domain provisioning and a few other things.

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