Life imatates Art?

Michele just pmd me a link on MSN randomly. So I click on it, woah! its the coolest thing since sliced bread! As the poster says it probably wasn’t done intentionally, but it is certainly hella cool.

WordPress upgrade, piece of cake or not?

Apparently it is a piece of cake. I’m very supprised, freaked out but happy none the less. Mostly because my experience with other apps in the past hasn’t been that particularly great. e.g. phpBB things just used to break, randomly. Odd.

So aswell as going to the crazy bleedin edge version of wordpress I’ve also picked a new theme. Not sure about it yet. However it is growing on me.

Telecoms Woes?

It would appear that yesterday evening Eircom withdrew voice services to Smart Telecoms CPS customers. The announcement was made on last night and it was also on the 9 o’clock news which for some poor customers was the first they heard of it.

Today we hear that smart owe eircom 4m euro, 1.7m euro of which is owed from previous months, however the exact details are not clear.

Despite the above, there are now circa 50k Irish households without phone services, some of which didn’t move their line rental can still make calls by adding a prefix to all outgoing calls. Somewhere in the region of 150k people are likely to be affected by this.

And we are still waiting to see what other creditors are going to do, of which there are several. The next few days are going to be interesting.

While all the above is bad and all, Smart going out of business is not a good thing for Ireland. It would be best for competition if they were bailed out. But it might already be too late.


Myself and Paul (works for us now!, known as pauld in the office, he hates this :P) entered into wavehunt

It was pretty funny and it was fairly interesting. We were robbed and only came second. But 50 euro is 50 euro more than I’d have goten if I had not entered 🙂

last weekend

Last weekend was a laugh. Friday night we wen’t bowling. We brought my sister. She is 30 something .. 34/35 ish … Usually uber narky and not the kind of person you bring somewhere.

Anyway we had a good laugh, post bowling we had a few beers and a laugh. Odd, but grand.

Saturday was mad. Up at 9am to get ready for breakfast in leixlip of all places. There is a reason for this and I’ll get to it. So off we went, Niamh had invited us, but low and behold she was off shopping in lifey valley .. so her sister (whos b-day it was aswell as mine) made us breakfast. Mairead is the good sister, Niamh is the bad one.

Saturday night so .. after much driving around Ireland … we hit the Point for WWE!!!! OMFG ROFLAMO .. etc and othert such sayings. It sucked. I’ve watched it a few times on TV, its funny. But live its pants. Well I thought so, others didn’t.

Then we went to Mac Turkles and drank a shed load of booze and much fun was had by all. Met some people I’ve not seen in a while and one particular person I’ve not seen for what we think was about 8 years. And we used to be good mates back then so it was GREAT seeing her again. (Hi Siobh! :-))

After much drinking and eating (burger stand type thing) we got a taxi home, well after waiting 2 hours in the cold we got a taxi home. Which was just enough time for Doc to loose his wallet which to his dismay wasn’t apparent until sunday morning 🙂 – oh well, he did find some burds ATM card ..

Sunday we ventured to leixlip again, 2 days in a row breaky made for us? Bad sisters??? There not really bad, think they are more mad. So a lot of fun was had, a lot of fscking about etc.

Much enjoyed the weekend.

This weekend

This weekend, WWE is at the point in Dublin. I wasn’t planning on going, but Joans dad can’t make it so it looks like kelly boy is gona be there.

We’re planning a big birthday bash around the whole weekend. It’s Mairead and my birthdays this week so we’re going to have loads of friends gather. Someone mentioned down under, which is an auzzie bar, for pints. Jim has it in his head to drink carton cold, this I can’t wait to try as they never shut up about it.

issues …

Mostly I don’t comment on issues within our industry in public. Sometimes it best to keep your thoughts to yourself. However a matter has come to my attention that is quite disturbing. It infact makes me fear for our industry. One of the _worst_ and I mean this from a customer point of view, as so many have come from them to us, have been appointed as a .eu registrar. Quite frankly its a farce. I’ll laugh hard when the screw it up and are unable to actually do what needs to be done.

David Hasselhoff

Hmmm this bothers me greatly. Two days running I have received odd pictures containing pictures of this guy. They are quite disturbing. I don’t have the mails here, they are on my laptop in work. I’ll post them up tomorrow, the odd thing is loads of people seem to think they are great. This disturbs me also.

Basically the first one was a soap dispenser, where his crotch was the bit you push to get the soap. The second was hasselhoff monopoly.