David Hasselhoff

Hmmm this bothers me greatly. Two days running I have received odd pictures containing pictures of this guy. They are quite disturbing. I don’t have the mails here, they are on my laptop in work. I’ll post them up tomorrow, the odd thing is loads of people seem to think they are great. This disturbs me also.

Basically the first one was a soap dispenser, where his crotch was the bit you push to get the soap. The second was hasselhoff monopoly.



A little thing that really got on my wick in linux was evolution. Its the simplest thing ever, but after using windows for years on the desktop you get used to some things.

While this isn’t a bug fix or anything, I belive it may be handy for some people who like to close a read email using the ‘Esc’ key.

this specifically for the version that comes with hoary (ubuntu): change to the following directory /usr/share/evolution/2.2/ui/ and edit the file evolution-mail-messagedisplay.xml

At the very top it has the following:

pixname="Close" accel="*Control*w"

this basically means you can use ctrl + w to close a read email, no thanks ta. 🙂

change it to:

pixname="Close" accel="Escape"

Its nice and handy that is all. 😛

the gf

Saw her off to Sweden there on tuesday morning. A few emotional moments and boom she’s on a plane and in another country for 3 months. nuts!

Anyways she is gone working with her bestest friend Sarah L. Both of them are working in a lab doing er … the usual lab type work you’d expect to do in a lab 🙂


I’ve been a long term user of windows and linux. Due mostly to my personal interests in OSS and the work I do I have mainly used linux or other unix variants all day every day. But I have to say its always servers etc, never have I used it on the desktop.

Ok a small white lie, I have had a look at various distros over the years including slack/redhat/mandrake/debian. None of them were much use out of the box and not have lots of time to spend fixing them up to work I never bothered.

Last year Ubuntu arrvied on the scene. The first release was called warty. When I first installed it, on my laptop back when it came out I was amazed. It worked pretty well, who’d have thought that something based on debian would just work. But it wasn’t as clean as I needed it, so back to windows I went.

This year hoary came out, I installed it on my desktop pc and I’ve not looked back. Its amazing 🙂

I’ve some more postage about ubuntu coming up, a few bits and pieces one of the guys from the office and I were trying with it.